September 28, 2008

A Nice Contact!

A lovely contact on 80m this morning. We managed to work Mike ZL4OL whos daughter actually works in Jura House gardens (above), it is a small world! This morning we have been out and repaired a little damage a few wandering sheep had done to a few of the radials and are now working pileups on 80m and 20m. The dynamic duo, Steve and Paul have again gone out portable, so look for them on 20m very soon. We will be working as many bands as we can until early evening when we need to make a start dismantling some of the antennas whilst the weather holds, rain is forecast for tomorrow but we do hope to be on air until late evening with the nest of dipoles and possibly the Spiderbeam.

1 comment:

Mike ZL4OL said...

Thanks for the very special contact. Maybe this will help my daughter Ngaire to get interested in ham radio! I'm looking forward to visiting the island next year.
Mike ZL4OL