December 24, 2009

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year

Members of Sands ARCG would like to wish all our friends and followers of the Blog a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2010.

December 13, 2009

Radio in the Raw (Unplugged)

I awoke this morning to a fantastic Sunrise so I thought to myself, a trip up to the summit of Ingleborough is on the cards to gain my Winter Points. After downing my Breakfast and Packing my Rucksac I left Oysterber by Car at 0945 hrs and arrived at the start point for the walk in at 1000 hrs, it is above the small Hamlet of Cold Cotes, between Ingleton & Clapham on the Old Road, it was freezing cold here, so I wrapped up well and started off for the summit, I arrived at approx 1135 hrs and decided that there was nowhere suitable to put antennas up that would be sheltered from the extremely cold easterly wind that was howling across the summit. I decided to jury rig a 2 metre Flexible Friend on to my Fishing Pole, extend it to half its height and then lash it to the side of my Rucksac, using myself as the antenna mount. I then set off walking around the western edge of the summit and called g1lat, Stephany who had promised to Log for me, it was far too cold to take gloves off and write things in a Logbook. I was actually g1jyb/mobile as I was walking all the time.

I actually worked 17 stations before having to pull the plug due to the intense cold that I was suffering, the best of these I think was Barnsley South Yorkshire. It was then a quick dismantling of the Kit, packing it into the Rucksac and heading down to a lower altitude as quickly as possible. This really was "Radio In The Raw" but actually I love the challenge of it, operating from above 700 metres at this time of the year is not easy and is for operators who really are looking for the hardest way to do it, I can highly recommend it to everyone in the Group. It satisfies a love of radio with a love of climbing the high hills and believe me, today the scenery was stunning, everything extremely clear due to the low temperatures.

I ran down the first third of the descent to get warm and then walked briskly down the rest to my Car, I arrived home at1345 hrs and then took the dog for a 1.5 mile walk down the River Greta at Burton in Lonsdale. From leaving home to arriving back home was only 4 hours, it seemed like a week, I can tell you.

Below I have listed all the details:

Starting Time from Home 0945 hrs

Arrival time at Summit 1135 hrs

Arrival time back at Home 1345 hrs

Total time Home to Home 4 hrs

Total Distance walked 5.74 miles + 1.5 miles with Dog on return

Height of Ingleborough 724 metres

Total Altitude ascended 455 metres

Grid reference of start point SD 72015 71537

Radio Equipment Carried :

1 - 2 metre Puxing Handheld 5 watt output
1 - 4 Metre Wouxson Handheld 5 watt output (Due to the severe cold weather I decided against working 4 metres, a real shame but it would have been really difficult)
1 - 2 metre Flexible Friend Antenna
1 - 4 metre Flexible Friend Antenna
1 - 7 metre GRP Fishing Pole
Various Odds & Sods.

Other Equipment:

Spare clothing inc 2 pairs gloves
Map, Compass, Whistle. Survival Bag
Mobile Phone
Blow up Cushion (I should have taken a Blow Up Woman)
Food and drink (essential)

I would like to thank two Amateur Radio Stations for help during this activation with Logging for me:

Stephany g1lat who I tried to persuade to come with me, but it was too cold for her and Mike g4blh, Mike is from Nelson and is a very keen SOTA guy, he is also big into 4 metres and he loves me to work that band from the high hills, he will be dissapointed today that I was not able to, without both of them I would not have done it.

Have fun on the hills, but dont forget, treat them with the utmost respect and dont hesitate to give me some feedback on this tirade.

73s Baz g1jyb

December 08, 2009

Sands 2 Metre Net This Wednesday.

Martin M0ZIF will chair the Sands 2M net this Wednesday. He will be using the group callsign M0SCG/p and will call at 8pm on 145.575 if its free. Although it is primarily a net for our group we welcome any Amateur that wishes to join us for a natter.

December 07, 2009

Christmas Meal 2009

It was party time this weekend for us all at Sands. This year we went back to the Royal Hotel at Heysham for a wonderful meal. It was nice to see so many of our members and friends in attendance this year, its a shame that Faris could not attend through illness and several of our other members were working. Nice also to see our new members, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Can we thank Brian and Frank for their excellent organisation and it was a wonderful way to start the festive season.