August 09, 2011

Congratulations to Mark and Jenni on their wedding day

Hi Folks,

A change from the normal Blog as we congratulate Mark and Jenni on their Wedding Day.

Mark M0DGK is a founder member of Sands Contest Group where he takes part in some of the 24/48 hour contests as well as the RSGBCC SSB contests where he shares my station for the event.

But back to the wedding.

Marks family, bridesmaids and friends were transported in style in a 1948 AEG Regal 33 seat coach. This coach has appeared in some period films and dramas.

The wedding was held at a lovely church in the village of Leck not far from Jenni's family home. The WX could have been be better but if you want a wedding to remember you'll have to go a long way to beat this one.

Jenni and Mark were at the altar and the vicar asked the age old question "If anybody knows of any just reason why Jenni and Mark should not be joined together in holy matrimony please speak up now!" The Church was silent but from outside we heard a whopping crash of thunder followed seconds later by a flash of lightning. This raised a few smiles and chuckles, the storm continued throughout the service and in a strange way added to the magic of the service. Whilst Mark and Jenni went into the vestry to sign the register we were treated to some live music played by the bridesmaid with the red hair seen below on the Celtic harp. She was later joined by her partner on electric guitar.

Jenni, Mark and the Bridesmaids

Our happy couple left us to the mercy of Florence as we headed back to the reception held in the recently refurbished Storey in Lancaster.

Traveling in style this was to be a memorable experience as Marks dad popped the champagne corks and then the fun began.

The Lancashire country roads are narrow and merciless with potholes and bumps for what seemed to be the whole return journey. Poor Florence was limited on suspension and the trick was to try and drink the champers before the next pot hole, where you were bound to drench yourself or the person sitting next to you. For the Bride and Groom and all the guests no expense was spared and Jenni and Marks families gave us all a wedding to remember for all the right reasons.

All the members of the Sands Contest Group wish Jenni and Mark a long and happy life together as they start their journey as a married couple.

One note of concern was the silver rolling pin and large spoon Jenni was carrying as they left the church.

The next Blog will be on our adventures at Sunderland Point as we took part in IOTA 2011

Brian G0RDH
(The reluctant contestor)