February 24, 2007

QSL Cards for Mull

Finally the QSL cards for last years Isle of Mull DXpedition are ready! We should receive them early next week from the printers and get them ready to send out very soon after that! Sorry about the long delay but we hope you enjoy the finished article. We may have to draw lots to decide which lucky person sticks the QSL labels on all the cards and puts them in order ;-)

February 06, 2007

First 80M Club Championships

Another year is here and last night was the first leg in the 80M Club Championships. It was the SSB section last night and conditions were absolutely abysmal! Ian, Kev and Gary managed just 8 contacts, Chris and Bex fared better with 18 and Brain and Mark scraped just into double figures! Hardly worth sending the logs in. Even the "big" stations struggled, GD3YUM getting about 40 contacts when is he usually well into the 100's in the first hour. Next week with see a few of us having our first foray into the Data leg, should prove interesting!