October 12, 2013

An idea for a simple multi-band aerial for /P by Chris G4LDS

Hi Folks,

One of our group members Chris G4LDS has allowed me to post his idea for a simple multi-band aerial for /P use, So made one as seen in the attached pictures.

Its simply 10m of RG174 50 ohm coax to a 1:1 choke balun as the centre point (5 + 5 turns of coax on a FT144-43 in a weatherproof box)

I then made simple dipole for 10m adjusted it for a low swr at 28.5, then added wire to the legs for resonance on 21.3, 18.150 & 14.250,

As can be seen i use a simple croc clip method for the extension !! shorted if wanted left open if not!! using different colour for each band i can simply see which band i have got connected!

this plus a 8m telescopic pole plus my FT-817 a /p station!! 


By Chris G4LDS

Thanks for the Contribution Chris

Brian G0RDH
The Reluctant Contester 

October 03, 2013

Last Full Day

Last full day of operation on Arranmore. We are on target to reach 15,000 contacts by the time we pack down. Hughie is in need of a lie down in a dark room. It's his age you know :)

October 02, 2013

Nothing keeps Us From Eating Well

Solar flare or no solar flare...the food is good..thanks Mark

Oh Woe are We

Seems we have been hit by a solar storm. It has certainly affected the lower HF bands. Certainly no inter G on 40m this afternoon, although stations in the south and east are workable. Oh well...onward..

October 01, 2013

Greek Island of Samos 2nd October

Hi Folks,

Just a very few words about another DXpedition that consists of 4 members of SANDS Amateur Radio Contest Group on the Greek Island of Samos.

Barrie tells us Members are:
Steph G1LAT
Frank G8BME
Steve G1TLQ

Nearly Double the SANDS membership of the BIG ONE :)

Talking with Frank G8BME last night at the Sands weekly meeting, time will be spent exploring the Island on bikes, enjoying the local food and drink and they aim to take part in some radio activity thanks to the local radio club on the Island and the fantastic antenna array left over from a commercial radio station.
Barrie says: We will be leaving on 2nd October for 14 days and will be operational from Zervou Mountain Radio Shack, so watch the E mails and Facebook if you want to work us.

Tongue in cheek Baz says "You should hear us because we have use of a 3 kW Linear amp and 25 element StrideIR multi band rotating antenna which is chromium plated to bounce the rays of the Sun off" :)

Baz has packed 6 pairs of Anti Dandruff Shreddies, 6 pairs of odd coloured Socks and 2 gallons of SUN Tan Cream. We will of course be taking 25 ~ K3 Radios, 24 as spares as we don't want to be beaten by that Irish lot.

Ok I think that draws a humorous volley on the Battle off the Beams..... Just a point worth making is that The Dx-pedition to the Island of Arranmore is a dedicated Dx-pedition with 9 stations running unless I am told different that 8 K3's with linear amps and an FT2000D with a maximum output of 200w.

G0RDH (The Reluctant Contester)

Doing Well

Tuesday morning finds us with nearly 9000 contacts in the log. Late Monday evening and early this morning was great with openings into Japan and Australia on 17m. All bands are in reasonable condition again with 40m holding up well for UK contacts. All nine operators are having a fantastic time and Mark is feeding us well, although the fiery chilli con carne is another story :) The black stuff continues to flow well....