August 31, 2007

Stan Holt G0GEU

Members of Sands have been involved with clearing the estate of Stan Holt G0GEU who went "silent key" at the beginning of May this year. Many of us had known Stan for many years. He was a very quiet man but very knowledgeable about all aspects of radio, especially valves and vintage radios. He also collected many things, including cameras and watches. We hope that a lot of his radio memorabilia will find good homes and put to good use. Stan was a true Amateur and will be sadly missed by a lot of people!

August 30, 2007

SSB Field Day 2007

Hopefully this year the weather will be good. If you can cast your minds back to 2006 it was one of worst weekends for wind and rain for many years! Sands will return to Quernmore this year. We have decided to run in the 100w single element antenna section. In use will be one of the 50' masts and a trap dipole for 40/80m, we have found that this works very well for 15/20m also. Unfortunately Chris and Bex cannot make it due to commitments in Warwick and we shall certainly miss them this time. We would also like to welcome Frank, Hughie and Paul, who has just achieved his full licence, as new members to Sands!

August 27, 2007


All QSL cards from GB2AOS have been sent out to the RSGB Bureau and all direct ones have been dispatched. Sorry about any delay!

August 07, 2007

Chris and Bex "leaving" Party!

Last night was a "leaving party" for Chris and Bex as work commitments mean they have to move to Warwick. This does not mean goodbye though, as they will be back in Morecambe for the major contests and can also take part in the Club Championships from their new address. We will, however, miss them greatly on our weekly get togethers! Most of the Sands members and alot of good Amateur friends attended the Owls Nest for drinks and sandwiches ( sorry Keith we can't find a photo of you and Barbara! Also missed Kev the Hat out because he was late) We had a wonderful evening and it was so nice to see so many good people in one place.