December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Hello Folks,

Here we are at the end of another year each of us wondering where the year has gone.  When the group was formed Linda G0YLM one of our founder members suggested it might be an idea for the group to have a meal each quarter of the year to show our appreciation to our wives and significant others and it sad to report that due to the credit crunch and all that came with it we were forced to drop this idea..... But all is not lost!  Barrie and Kathy have treated us to a Barbi that is supported by Stephany G1LAT and Hughie G4UME with the preparation.  There are numerous blogs on these events.

For the last three years we have broken with Christmas tradition by having a banquet at Trungs where numerous dishes are placed on the tables for us all to tuck into.... I think there were 5 courses in total and nobody left the table hungry.  This year I shopped around for menus which were presented to the group who voted on their preferred choice, sadly the Stork Hotel was very late in getting their menus out leaving us little time to book anywhere else, so I thew in a wild card "The Bridge in Tatham"

Here comes the History bit with a few details found on this website, I will leave you to look look at the website to fill in some extra details

The Bridge Inn

The Bridge Inn was initially built in 1642 this is the part we had our Christmas Meal in.  
The Inn was extended into the building you see today in 1744 and is now a grade 2 listed building.  The 1642 part of the Inn has a slightly lower roof than the extension that can be seen in the picture above. 

Strange but true it was not always called the "Bridge Inn" 
during its coaching days it was known as " Bridge End"

Anybody Hungry?

Although it seems to be in the middle of nowhere between the villages of Wray and Wennington there are local Farms and Holiday lets it is always busy with a home cooked menu that has you drooling just reading it.... No fancy French names on the menu just good honest food at very reasonable prices.

Back to our Christmas Meal

Thanks to Stephany for taking the four photographs of Members and friends

Hughie and Sheila, Barrie and Kathy, Dave and Ray, 
with Frank at the end 

Sarah and Nick, Elaine and Chris, Annette and Damien

There was an excellent Christmas menu that had been put together for us and we were in good hands with Stephanys Son Spencer who was our chef for the night and the very efficient waitresses who were not only looking after us but also people in the Inn.

 The Bridge Inn
Christmas Party Menu
Saturday 7th December
7.30 PM Meals served at 8PM

Thanks to Bob for the photos of the food.
Scottish Black Pudding ~ Served on a Bed of Lettuce 
with a Three Mustard Sauce

Melon and Prawn Cocktail ~ Served on a Bed of Lettuce

other starters.

Mushroom Soup  
Served with Fresh Crusty Bread

Assorted Mini Fish Cakes 
Served with a Sweet Chilli Dip and side Salad

Main Course

Traditional Home-Roast Turkey
Served with Roast Potatoes; New Potatoes, Pigs in Blankets,
Yorkshire Pudding & Fresh Seasonal Vegetables

Main Courses
Traditional Home-Roast Pork
Served with Roast Potatoes; New Potatoes, Pigs in Blankets,
Yorkshire Pudding &; Fresh Seasonal Vegetables
Fresh Poached Salmon
with Hollandaise or Lemon and Dill Sauce
Served with New Potatoes or Home-Made Chips and Fresh Seasonal Vegetables
Mushroom Cranberry & Brie Wellington
Served with New Potatoes or Home-Made Chips & Fresh Seasonal Vegetables

        Faith and Brian, Steve, Mark, Ian and Bob, Tim and Mary

               Kevin and Hazel, Jess and Scott, Andrew and Julie
                                      Traditional Christmas Pudding ~ Served with Brandy Sauce
                               Home-Made Sherry Trifle ~ Traditionally Made in Individual Glasses
                                Festive Bread and Butter Pudding ~ Served with Cream or Custard
                               Home-Made Apple and Cinnamon Pie served with cream or custard                                     
                                             Followed by Fresh Roast Coffee and Mints

This was a truly great night for all who were able to make it, our Elder Statesman of the group was far enough away from Ian to have a little fun at Ian's expense :)

You should hear our callsign MX0SCG on the bands outside our our normal special events as we celebrate our first Decade as a group in 2014. Be sure to ask the operator for his name and see how many of us you can work and may be the favourite area of the hobby they are interested in. 

Were now looking to seeing the old year our and welcoming the new year in.  All our best wishes for 2014 to all our readers and hast ye back to read about all our trumps and no doubt at some point our Trials and tribulations.  

73 from Brian

The Reluctant Contester