January 21, 2007


Yesterday was the AFS 80 metres SSB Contest. Conditions were not good but we think both teams did as well as can be expected. We did not manage to put a third team up as the dipole at Lancaster Uni was not available during the afternoon. Chris and Ian did find a run frequency at the very beginning but, as soon as the contest started, another station set up half a KC below, making the frequency impossible to use. Next year the linear may have to be used at one of the stations. Otherwise it was a very enjoyable 4 hours for both teams, just don't ask G0YLM about the apple pie "incident"!

January 05, 2007

Working on the Homepages!

Finally, after a lot of hard work by Chris and Ian, the homepages are beginning to take on a whole new look! Still a bit of polishing off to do but we hope you like the new style. The webpages are based on the Plone software which runs under Linux. The software is free to use and very secure. It also means we can have pages which are only accessible to "Sands" members which hold information like "minutes of meetings", contact details and events calendar etc. We also aim to add a few more features which we hope visitors to the pages will find useful. Have a look round and see what you think, any comments are welcome!