August 31, 2007

Stan Holt G0GEU

Members of Sands have been involved with clearing the estate of Stan Holt G0GEU who went "silent key" at the beginning of May this year. Many of us had known Stan for many years. He was a very quiet man but very knowledgeable about all aspects of radio, especially valves and vintage radios. He also collected many things, including cameras and watches. We hope that a lot of his radio memorabilia will find good homes and put to good use. Stan was a true Amateur and will be sadly missed by a lot of people!

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Anonymous said...

Over the years I have had the honor of knowing Stan not just as a local Radio Amateur but also as a friend, although quiet when you first meet him, it's not long before you realise he was a man with hidden depths of knowledge and kindness.

Although it took some time for the news of his death to filter through, it was no less of a shock and I like many will miss him.

Thanks for your kind words in the Blog Linda, I am sure you echo the thoughts and feelings of many Stan has come into contact with.

Brian G0RDH