October 12, 2013

An idea for a simple multi-band aerial for /P by Chris G4LDS

Hi Folks,

One of our group members Chris G4LDS has allowed me to post his idea for a simple multi-band aerial for /P use, So made one as seen in the attached pictures.

Its simply 10m of RG174 50 ohm coax to a 1:1 choke balun as the centre point (5 + 5 turns of coax on a FT144-43 in a weatherproof box)

I then made simple dipole for 10m adjusted it for a low swr at 28.5, then added wire to the legs for resonance on 21.3, 18.150 & 14.250,

As can be seen i use a simple croc clip method for the extension !! shorted if wanted left open if not!! using different colour for each band i can simply see which band i have got connected!

this plus a 8m telescopic pole plus my FT-817 a /p station!! 


By Chris G4LDS

Thanks for the Contribution Chris

Brian G0RDH
The Reluctant Contester 

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Photon said...

Surely, a simple twin-fed 'commudipole' (aka a doublet), would be better?