September 27, 2008

Beware the Jura Whisky!

This is the view we have down the field where the antennas are, a really beautiful view down to a private beach. Its dark now of course and its been yet another busy session, the only thing making things difficult for contacts at the moment is a contest on 80m ;-)
We have managed to get on Topband tonight and had some really nice contacts but we have had a problem with static on the lower bands and that is much in evidence now! The best band during the day has been 20m again and the USA has accounted for a good few entries in the log!
The only casualties tonight are Mark and Paddy who decided to visit the Festival in the town and have returned slightly the worse for wear after sampling the delights of the local hospitality, Mark is now gently snoring in a corner somewhere, lets hope he can cope with the odd pileup tomorrow......

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