September 28, 2008

Early Evening!

We have just started to take down some of the antennas whilst the weather is fine as there are some heavy showers about. At the moment we can still work 20m and below and hope to still have a few final contacts tomorrow morning before we leave this location around midday.

We have battled our way through the RTTY and SSB contests that have been taking place on the bands which have not made keeping a frequency easy at times. Stateside is good at the moment and the atmospheric static has vanished on the lower bands. We will be around on Topband tonight after about 18:30 GMT aiming to break the 6000 QSO mark. We are all pretty tired now but enjoying ourselves immensely, most of us will sleep for a week when we get home. Oh and Mark has recovered from the excesses of yesterday and is making his way down to the local Public House again, dinner could be late tonight!

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