September 26, 2008

Another Lovely Morning!

The sun is just burning the early morning mist off and the temperature is rising rapidly. Paul and Steve have set out again to do some more portable work down on the beach at Craighouse with the vertical Moxon. The rest of us are just sitting down to a huge breakfast. A few of us plan to have a small break from radio today and go down to the village and perhaps sample the famous 'venison burgers' at the Island's only public house, have also not had chance to visit the distillery yet!
After teething problems with the 80m vertical, which meant shortening the capacity hat and putting a few more radials out to make it resonant, it now works very well and we managed a ZL1 contact first thing this morning! Hopefully we will have a photo of this and the other antennas available a little later today.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hi there, nice signal this afternoon in OE9.
thanks for the QSO, have fun!

73! de Werner OE9FWV