September 25, 2008

Time For Dinner

Its a lot of potatoes to peel for 10 hungry people! Lamb Chops are on the menu tonight, we are certainly eating very well. Mike and Andrew should be back soon from their trip up one of the hills and we will soon know if they managed any contacts on SOTA, the climb is quite a tricky one. The bands have performed fairly well today with good contacts on 80/40/20/17m, it was nice to hear North America in good form a little earlier. Brian and Frank also took some time to have some longer chats on 80m this afternoon before the band changes and gets busier. We are all quite tired at the moment, it didn't help that the harddrive in the Linux PC died this morning and Ian spent over an hour reworking the network on the PC's we have with us! Certainly looking forward to a good meal and perhaps some time to relax for some of us at least!

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