September 27, 2008


Weekend is finally here and time has flown. Hopefully this will be our busiest time and we aim to contact as many of you as we can on as many bands as we can! The guys down on the beach had a cracking day on 20m again yesterday and were certainly working the DX, in fact they have done better than the main station on 20m which shows that dangling your feet in the sea certainly helps. Also a busy time on the lower bands last evening and the photograph above shows Steve handling the pileup on 80m. Again apologies for no photographs of the antenna farm, we seem to have been plagued with computer problems and despite several trips down to Craighouse, where our only internet access is, we have only managed to get the blog entries and the odd photograph back and have not been able to fix the problem with the log search on the main site. It may be that the majority of photographs will not be published until we get home on Tuesday but we haven't given up yet. The main thing this weekend is to concentrate on the amount of amateurs we can work, although a few of us may have time to slip down to Craighouse for the weekend music festival on the island!

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