September 21, 2006

Looking good!

Well looks like the weather is going to be good, at least for the weekend, with sunshine and reasonable temperatures. Today we will start to get organised with some of the smaller gear, with most of the major packing being done tomorrow. Both laptops have been updated with the latest version of Win-Test. The major drawback on the island is the lack of public internet access, also mobile phone coverage is not good. The only way to get information back to the blog and the dxcluster will be via 40/80m, failing all that the good old "payphone" will make a comeback. Linda G0YLM will be manning the fort back in Morecambe.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear and work the station Ian, good luck to you all and look forward to many more contacts and maybe a chat too! Take care and all enjoy the trip! Charles OXO