September 21, 2006

Testing DRM

Tests are being conducted on 80m this evening to see if it is feasible to get the logs back to base using WinDRM. This will mean the logs can be posted on the Sands website at the end of each day. This will at least get over the problem of lack of internet on the island. So far the test seem to have been a success, but of course, there are greater distances involved next week! Keep the fingers crossed.


g6crv said...

I can confirm that the DRM tests between myself and Chris M0DWK were successful. I managed to send him a 35kB word file zipped up, and he sent me a 8kB gif file with no errors. There was quite a bit of continental interference on the freq at the time but not much phase distortion. It is phase distortion and static crashes which cause the errors. Although with the error correction using bad block reports and resending of the bad blocks, the information gets through eventually.
Dave G6CRV

g0ylm said...

I was listening and the signals sounded very clean, fingers crossed for next week.