September 20, 2006

Lament for the Landy!

Looks like the Landrover is going to be off the road for the trip so we will have to take another car. This isn't a problem as the 50' Spidermast fits snugly in the Honda Accord! All packing will be done on friday with, no doubt, ample space left over for a crate or two of beer !!


Dominic Baines (M1KTA) said...


Good luck with the DXpedition from EU-008.

The spider beam may I assume that is that the DF4SA version? Have you added the WARC bands on 12m and 17m yet?

What is your mast support, is that the DF4SA 18m mast?

What are you using for 40m and 80m?

Will you have any 160m setup?


GQRP 11272

Sands Contest Group. said...

Yes the spiderbeam is the german version. We are not adding the WARC bands as we mainly do contests with it. The support will be the 15m spidermast. Dipoles wii be used for 40/80m although we may be able to load the mast as a vertical!