August 05, 2012

Sands Contest Group Barbi

Hello Folks,

As many in the UK will recall the first 5 months of the year have not been kind to us on the weather front drought restrictions were  put in place due to the depleted water reserves and it seems to add insult to injury that within weeks of this many in the UK were suffering floods due to torrential downpours of rain causing flash flooding and river banks to burst causing untold misery and our hearts go out to affected.

Sands Contest Group Barbi

At the end of June Barrie and Kathy put a welcome and much anticipated group Barbi on for us ably helped by Stephany and even Hughie who was probably in charge of the eggs.

As you can see we were not guaranteed a dry night but Barrie had plans in place just incase things turned bad.

Barrie Basting the chicken legs as they cooked and although not in shot 
the Sausages were also sizzling
Although a little on the chilly side the Wx stayed dry and there was a little wood burner you can see top left of this picture for those feeling a little cold.  This is an excellent evening for both group members and their families to chill out and socialise with only the occasional much frowned upon mention of radio... This was a night dedicated to our families who allow us to have fun in our chosen hobby of radio communications. 

Along with the food supplied by Barrie and Kathy members also brought some offerings to add to an already impressive spread.  This picture was taken halfway through the evening but the baked potatoes just melted in your mouth.  Also on this table you can see Pate, Salad, Rice, Canape's and Cheese and Onion to name a few dishes.

The second part of the meal was really great in the form of a variety of sweet dishes.  

 Fresh Fruit Salad
 Black Forest Gateaux
 Chocolate and Raspberry Pavloav
 Lemon Cheese Cake
Fruit Trifle
  Franks Delicious Homemade Apple Pie
 Heres a picture of Joe 2E0JEX with his son Ozzy
who is not at all phased by the two hoodies in shot

Thanks as always to Barrie and Kathy for supplying us with a fantastic evening 
and not forgetting Stephany for the work that she does in making the event such a success
So as the lambs keep the meadow down around Barries 5/8 20m Monoband Vertical
And the birdsong settles as the sun begins to set
I'll leave the last few words for Ozzy..... 
Thanks for looking in and 73 till we meet again further down the log

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