August 15, 2012

The Bentham Beagles 10K Bash

Hi Folks,
I thought it would be nice to shine a light on an unsung hero of the Sands Contest Group and thats Kathy Cartledge, a lady who as a rule shy's away from publicity.

Kathy M3YOG running “Bentham Beagles 10k Bash” 
where she won best in her age group 

The motion Blur image was created by Barrie Cartledge
                                                Kathy was presented with a Race Medal 
                                 and a Silver Training Shoe to recognise her achievement.

The Bentham Beagles Running Club

The Bentham Beagles Running Club is a new club that launched on 4th October 2011. If you would like to learn more about the club and their activities then take a look on the link below

The Bentham Beagles

Kathy is a very talented lady whose other interests include Cycling with Barrie G1JYB using either the Tandem or her own bicycle.  It was great to see Barrie and Kathy at Sunderland Point at the end of July when they cycled down to visit Sands Contest Group who were taking part in IOTA 2012. This was no short ride with the round trip being a minimum of around 50 miles.

Along with a keen interest in Yoga, its not uncommon for her to throw the odd pot or two when she's pottering about at Bentham Pottery.  The pottery is attached to Oysterber Farm from where we are privileged do most of our contests. 

Here is one of the hard wearing bowls created by the pottery in use

I remember it well as the last of the summer fruits were collected from the hedgerows around Oysterber Farm along with Apple and Pears from the Orchard. they were combined into a fruit crumble that had your tastebuds doing summersaults with every delicious spoonful. 

I joked earlier about Kathy Pottering about when in reality nothing could be further from the truth, along with running popular pottery courses with her son, a range of ceramics are available to buy in the little shop.

Please click on the link

Well done on the run Kathy!

The next blog will be on the IARU contest.


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