October 06, 2011

Stormy Thursday!

Today is exceptionally windy and wet. It doesn't start raining, it
just rains! One minute nothing and then completely wet.
We have had 2 issues crop up today. The rain static on 40m hits 20
over 9 at times and makes it impossible to hear anyone. The second
issue was between 10m on the FT2000 and 40m on the K3. When 10m keyed
on the Yaesu, it was 10 over 9 on 40m. This turned out to be phase
noise from the FT2000. Once we moved 10m to one of the K3's, the
problem completely disappeared. Brendan had been noticing the noise
floor rising on 30m when the Yaesu keyed up on 17m before any
modulation! Very poor show Yaesu!

We expect to hit our target of 10,000 Q's later today and we have had
some remarkable contacts including Afganistan, Reunion Island and
Mauritius. Runs to Indonesia and India have been common. Once we are
home and have had time to interrogate the logs I will post more of the

By the way, they call our hobby wireless?


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