July 07, 2010

Last of the summer wine

Hello Folks,

At the end of my last entry covering the Group BBQ, I mentioned that I would be putting a special blog together based on one of our members and here it is.

Members of the group have varied interests within the hobby other than contesting, for example Chris Baker enjoys some experimental work creating baluns for use with HF antenna's and often puts emails out with diagrams showing what he has tried, and how well or badly it works. Its not a negative point to document your failures along with the successes because that's how we learn.

The topic for this special is "Summits On the Air"

My first introduction to this subject was with Ian G0VGS in the early days of Summits on the Air when he organised a speaker to come to Morecambe Bay Amateur Radio Society to do a talk on the subject. We learned a little of the early history and how it was rapidly expanding to other area's of the world... Its grown out of all proportion since then and is a very popular activity taken up by many amateurs and it is very popular in my area.

Barrie G1JYB has been involved for many years and I am pretty sure he has covered most if not all the local summits. Sadly he had a fall on ice during the Christmas period this year and is not fit enough to do much climbing. His other passion is cycling much to his frustration he is improving slowly and has managed the odd 35 mile bike ride but at this moment in time doesn't feel fit enough for climbing yet.

However the focus of this blog concerns another of our members a YL Stephany G1LAT.

I informed Barrie that I would like to put a blog together celebrating Stephany's achievements in SOTA and asked Barrie if he could send me some details of the climbs Stephany has done. here is part of the email Barrie sent back to me (Sorry Barrie) but you have worded the message below so perfectly, I could not do better.

Hi Brian

Thanks very much for thinking about doing a mention on the Blog for Stephany, she does deserve it because she has done a lot of radio operating on SOTA recently and although it may not come under the general heading of “SPORT RADIO” I can assure you that the mere fact of just attaining the Summit is very Challenging and Competitive at times and the operating conditions can from Sublime to outright Ridiculous.

So here's the team:

Planning and emergency cover:

Barrie maps out the routes and acts as emergency cover.

Stephany is often supported by Ray do the summit climbs. Ray is not a radio amateur but is a long time friend and enjoys the exercise.

I would like to thank Barrie for supplying me with all the pictures you will see in the blog from now on, they show many aspects and weather conditions that face anyone attempting to climb a summit.

At this point I should re-enforce the fact that both Barrie and Stephany know the countryside they live in and are aware of the ever changing weather conditions. No climb is ever attempted that would put them at risk.

Below are a number of pictures which include Barrie. This must have been one of the last climbs that Barrie did before his accident dated 9/11/2009

G1 JYB SOTA Packhorse

Shack In A Rucksac

G1 JYB Whernside, Note Strong Wind

Last year Barrie and Stephany took a short break to the Isle of Man and activated as many summits as they could.

Bradda Hill IOM

G1 LAT Descending from Bradda Hill IOM

South Barrule SOTA IOM

The picture above is one of peace and tranquility but I feel sure there will be many who have experiencedthe other side of the coin where they have struggled to find a spot of shelter to operate from and shield themselves and the mic against the elements.

As you will know if your a regular visitor to the blog, Sands Contest Group have the privilege of operating many of our contest stations from Barries and Kathy's home at Oysterber Farm an if we look in the right direction we cannot miss seeing Inglebrough and what a glorious sight it is.

A Winter View From The Summit of Ingleborough

Above The Clouds On Ingleborough

Made It The Summit Cairn Of Ingleborough Winter

Ingleborough Radio Shack On A Busy Winters Day

The pictures above are are Achieve pictures the before the Great Snow Storm/Blizzards of 2009/10 hit us all.

Stephany G1 LAT On Ingleborough Summer under better conditions.

Stephany & Ray Ascending Great Coum

The Howgills From Summit Of Great Coum

Pen Y Ghent The Very Steep Final Section

Stephany & Ray Descending Pen Y Ghent on Steep Section

Sadly I cannot add the table Barrie created because MS Word creates all sort of problem with the blog, but she has been a busy lady since she started in 2006. totaled together she has climbed 14'139 metres and if you bear in mind that Mount Everest is 8,848 metres high, its quite an achievement.

Stephany has been joined on her climbs this year by Ray and both have a few knotches on the walking stick of life although I will probably be in trouble for mentioning it. SOTA is open to all ages and can make for a great family day out if you enjoy walking. Stephany has activated at least 10 Sumits this year including "The Old Man of Coniston"

Finally here's a few pictures of Martin another close friend of Barrie and Kathy's

Martin M0LCY Calf Top

If you have found this blog interesting and would like to learn more about SOTA take a look on the link below and you will find it well worth your time.

Two of our members Martin M0ZIF and Hughie G4UME activated Arnside Knott over the weekend and enjoyed themselves.

Thanks to Stephany, Ray and Barrie and all those who take part in SOTA for being Ambassadors and an Inspiration to others.


Best 73
Brian G0RDH

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Anonymous said...

very good I take my hat off to the team. one thing i noted was that they know the area and thus can read the weather conditions and know when its safe. given me some ideas and thoughts to get my hf /p kit finished.
"qrz sota"