July 07, 2010

2 Metre Contest

Just to let you all know that Stephany G1LAT and I did the 2 metre contest last night and we did very well for a first attempt, we worked just short of 40 stations and best of all we worked England, Scotland, Wales, Eire, Northern Ireland and Isle of man, but can you believe this, with just over half an hour to go we had an electricity failure and it didn't come back on until 1045pm, how unlucky was that?

Never mind we worked well and the old Yagi was flying all over the place, never realised that so many stations were so keen on vhf, we had a great night.

Just thought I would mention it, Stephany also managed to work a guy who was portable on a SOTA summit called "The Cloud" and it was a unique for her, so she was well pleased.

Kathy M3YOG was not too pleased as every time we swung the yagi to the east, it interfered with her, well, not her exactly, just the TV programme she was watching, ha ha, I told her to stop moaning or I would get her banned from the group.

We used a spot frequency of 144.272 all evening and just called cq contest, well Stephany did, I just worked the rotator and moaned a bit, but it seemed to work.


Barrie g1jyb

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