September 24, 2008

Wednesday Morning

Its a fairly cloudy morning so far but promises to be another lovely day. We have had breakfast and are getting ready for the day ahead. Lots of things planned for today. Andrew and Mike are heading out late afternoon to make camp overnight and to start early tomorrow with some SOTA operating. Steve and Paul are also going out very shortly to do some portable work, look out for MS0SCG/P a little later, probably on 20m. We also plan to do some RTTY on 30m at sometime today! We have had over 1500 contacts so far including some 2m and 6m contacts as well, the Moxon appears to be working very well! The 80m vertical designed by Chris M0DWK will be in use a little later, we have high hopes for it.

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EA2CCG JoaquĆ­n Montoya said...

Hello I could work you on 40 mtrs tuesday night. I would like to see a picture of your antennas.

Good signal...good operation.