September 24, 2008

Late Afternoon

Unfortunately the sun hasn't shone on us after all but never mind. Very busy on 20m today, Paul and Steve are still down on the beach about 2 miles from Craighouse. At the moment we don't know how many contacts they have made but according to sources they have had a good day. Andrew has been busy doing data on 30m. Both Mike and Andrew have decided to not go out camping tonight but will go out first thing in the morning to activate the Paps of Jura for SOTA. Ian and Kev have finally got the 80m vertical up, although Kev has been plagued by mosquitoes all day and is well and truely bitten!
Paddy and Mark have found time to go down to the beach and do a spot of fishing. They say they are catching dinner, we may go hungry tonight after all.
Hope to have a few more photographs to show you later once we make the trip down to Jura Stores and get them uploaded. Also we have a small problem with the online log, the search box on the home webpage is not working, we will attempt to fix this as well!

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