September 19, 2008

So It Begins....

The weekend is nearly here and everyone is working very hard on final preparations for Sunday's trip to Jura. The van hire company have been fantastic and let us have the van today for no extra charge, which gives us far more time to get things packed! Apart from getting all the equipment sorted the main thing left to do is to do a large shop for 10 hungry people on Sunday morning and, judging by the planned menu, we will need the van for food and drink alone!! All the pc's are loaded with WinTest software for logging during DXpedition and Ian and Dave G6CRV have done final tests with Win DRM over 80M to make sure we can get the logs on the main website each day. The weather forecast for next week has improved and we may be lucky to have reasonable weather, particularly on Monday and Tuesday when the antennas are being erected.

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