September 19, 2008

Blog Birthday!

Just browsing back through the entries in this online diary it suddenly struck me that this Blog has been running exactly 2 years! It was interesting to go back to the ramblings of September 2006 and look at the gang going through similar preparations then for the trip to the Isle of Mull, it brings back many memories. A couple of years on we hope that Jura will be even better both in how we approach things, the number of stations we can run, the antennas we can experiment with and the number of contacts we can make. This time we have the company of members of Workington Radio Club who bring their own experiences of Island DXpeditions and their own ideas!
I will be back at base again this time helping run the websites and keeping an eye on the DXcluster. Dave G6CRV will also be on hand to upload the logs each morning onto the home webpages. Some pictures and diary entries for this blog will also be uploaded every day.
Good luck folks and good DX
Linda G0YLM

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