February 20, 2008

M0CBY/G6RUS Silent Key

It was with sadness that we learned that one of Sand's long standing members John, G6RUS/M0CBY, had gone Silent Key whilst on holiday in Malta on 14th February after suffering an electric shock in his hotel room. John has suffered with a dickie ticker for many years, undergone heart by-pass surgery and defied the odd’s even after being told there was nothing more they could do to repair his heart.

2007 has to have been one of his lowest points suffering with a bad case of Flu in early January and being hospitalised later in the year with serious heart related problems, but john being John bounced back and I quote this with the greatest respect, would often beat his chest lightly in jest with a clenched fist saying “Keep Going You Bugger!”.

At the end of 2007 John decided to take a trip to the warmer climate of Malta for a few weeks holiday, returning on the 5th of December to spend Christmas in the UK. He came to the Sands meetings and I have never seen him look better in many years. He had a tan and some new found energy and strength we had not seen for a long time. John attended the Sands meeting and told us that he was planning to go back to Malta for the winter because the climate suited him better with a view to returning in the Spring to get his boat ready for the summer season cruising the canal and meeting up with friends….. John was a great showman who was at his best in the company of his friends.

John will leave many local amateurs in the area with fond and personal memories of the time he has spent with them and there is no doubt that he enriched the hobby of Amateur Radio in this area and the lives of people he came into contact with both here and worldwide.

John will be missed but never forgotten and I am sure he will have many a glass raised in his memory as people recount their memories of the man who M0TNX fondly remembers as the man who even had style when giving his callsign " M Zero seeeeeeeebeeeeeeeeeewhhyyyyyyyy"

73 and God Bless John

From G0RDH


G0YLM said...

Will miss John's company and wit. I taught John his morse and I know what it meant to him to finally pass his CW exam. Glad he had a good few years of enjoyment on HF. 73 John

Ian, G0VGS said...

A man who will be sadly missed by many, John had a flair and wit. He was a very knowledgeable and private man. I will miss his direct approach and willingness to support.

M0TNX Kev said...

Take Care john on that big Barge in the sky, you will be missed


Anonymous said...

Will miss Johns' company. Always had a thoughtful addition or funny quip to add to any conversation.

I have only been here 5 years BUT I
would have liked to have known him better.

Sadly missed. Never forgotten.

Anonymous said...

I am not anonymous, see above.

Kev, the hat. G6FKE.

Anonymous said...

We pray


Anonymous said...

From Paul, ZL4AX
Yes, a very sad piece of news. John was instrumental in our move for New Zealand from the UK. His story of how he was in Auckland working on the museum's Spitfire exhibit when he encountered a member of the Government and was granted Permanent Residence inspired me to go ahead and try for the impossible. While I was here doing just that, he passed away. I'm very sorry to have missed the opportunity to tell him about the hope he'd given us, to improve our lives so much.
What a lovely man, and a 'Good Bastard' as we'd say in New Zealand! His calming, peaceful demeanour on the radio was infectious. If you can be happy in your own skin, as he was, then you never fear for the future. He passed on that feeling to us very well. Unforgettable.
See you next time around, mate.