February 07, 2008

Fibreglass Mast Arrives

Our new fibreglass mast arrived today. This mast is again made by the people that make the "Spiderbeam" and is a total of 60' high when fully extended! Only weighing 15lb it folds down to just under 6' for transportation purposes. One person is able to walk the mast up to its full height and if needed Lightweight Kevlar guys can be used for added stability. Not a cheap item to buy but it is money will spent and will allow us to use it as an 80m vertical or a support for a 40m steerable array, other options are being looked at for topband. It will certainly be a welcome addition for the gear going to Jura in the autumn but, in the meantime, there are plenty of contests and other events planned when we can really put it to the test!

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