March 25, 2007


A very successful contest so far, nearly 500 contacts up to now in fairly poor conditions. Ian managed a lovely contact into Tasmania and Kev was thrilled with his first qso into New Zealand. There seems to be some good DX around and as well as doing the contest it allows some of our members to work new countries they may not have. Sunday morning is quiet so far but there is some confusion as to how early it is as Linda managed to put one clock 2 hours back instead of an hour forward as we go to British Summertime! Kev, as usual, made one of his famous "hashes"for supper last night. Also we are taking any spare time to sign the Mull QSL cards for a personal touch!

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The Reluctant Contester said...

Hello Folks,

What a great weekends contest, It has been a nice change to do the grave
yard shift under great band conditions. I also managed some time during the day which was nice.

A good contest, great company, and the food was pretty good too.

Many thanks on behalf of the group to Linda and Ian for opening up their home.

The Reluctant Contester