March 23, 2007

CQ WW WPX Contest

In just over 5 hours the CQ WW WPX Contest will start. One of the biggest contests of the year is looked forward to by many Amateurs. All is set up ready for midnight and we hope conditions will be favourable this year. The weather report is good and the beam can be wound to its full height, although there is still the problem with the rotator, hopefully this will be fixed in the coming weeks as the last few months have been very busy. Kev ( or is it Ken? ) promises one of his famous Corned Beef Hashes, with loads of garlic, to feed the troops and Bex has provided some "Goosenargh Cakes" which might not last beyond the first few hours!!
Good luck to everyone taking part over the next 48 hours whether its a serious attempt at points or just for fun. Lets hope for a good contest!

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