September 29, 2006

Thats It Then!

Having our last few contacts on 40m and the station is well on the way to being packed down. Its raining again but overall the weather has not been too bad. The last of the logs and the photos will be put on the homepages when we get back tomorrow evening. Its been a fantastic week and we have learnt a lot, some things we may have done differently and its very possible we will be here again next year. Our thanks to Dave g6crv for his help with Win-DRM and getting the logs, diary and photos back to the website, our thanks also to all the amateurs that have worked us and shown their support! We will report back on the blog when we have returned safely to Morecambe. Best wishes to you all!

1 comment:

g0ylm said...

Well done to you all, a very successful DXpedition.