September 29, 2006

Nice Day for It!

Beautiful morning here on the island so, if the rain holds off, we may get a few more contacts in before we start packing up. Yesterday was a good day on 20m, it wasn't the quantity it was the quality! We managed contacts with the Falklands, Mexico, Chili and British Virgin Isles to name but a few. Ian and Chris managed to untangle the 15/20m elements on the Spiderbeam that had tangled in the gales using the sota pole and a lot of luck. We now stand at nearly 1900 qso's, it would be nice to hit the 2000 mark but, at this stage of the solar cycle, we don't think it will be quite possible with the time we have left! The logs are now on the homesite from yesterday and Win-DRM has worked wonderfully in transferring all the information on 80m. Right breakfast time and then, maybe an hour or two on 40m before we finally pack down.

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