May 24, 2013

Wray Scarecrow Festival 2013 Part 1 of 2

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I have will be posting the blog in two separate parts because of the overall size.  Part one will cover a short section on the setup of the Wray Scarecrow festival/GB4RN station along with the Vintage Vehicles on display and Part two will cover the station in more detail along with a host of other information about the event

Please note: Unless otherwise stated all images used in this blog were taken by me and may be used freely for non-profit making ventures with the exception of the Wray Festival Committee who may use them as they see fit to promote future events.

This review is a little late but I thought you might like to see what the group has been up to prior to some group members flying off to the Island of Samos.  We were invited for a return visit to the Wray Scarecrow Festival.  The village puts this festival on each year during April leading up to the big Mayday bank holiday weekend.

The Festival usually has a theme and this year it was on the written word "Read Me" Residents of Wray Village who run the event each year create scarecrows that can be found in various places around the village, anywhere from outside the houses up, lamp posts, in the grounds of the village schools.

Theres a library of pictures on the Wray website dating back to 2006 .  They are filed in year and include over 100 taken this year available on the link below

With the exception of Saturday 4th May, the diary of events listed below are copied from the Wray website where you can find all sorts of information and pictures of the event.

Saturday 27th April
Start of festival, 10km Road race (13:15)
Sunday 28th April
Car boot sale (starting at 08:00)

Thursday 2nd May  
Classic bike night (Tearooms 19:00 to 21:00)
Friday 3rd May
Giant Scarecrow Parade (20:00)

Saturday 4th May.

Sands Contest Group arrived on Saturday to set our base and antenna up for the Bank Holiday events.  One of our members Paul 2e0CKC with his wife Marion were good enough to host the event from their caravan and awning.

 Our base for the weekend
 Frank and Amber returning after a walk.

Our antenna for the weekend was a 40m dipole anchored at both ends to a tree.
Thanks to work carried out by Damien who took a bend out of our jimpole we were able to mount the mast in the jocky wheel housing at the front of the caravan and get the centre feed around 25ft high. This worked perfectly for us because there was no need to guy the mast making the antenna system as risk free as possible.

Homemade Cakes

Ian, Hughie and I made for the tea room housed in the community centre where Hughie was good enough to treat us to tea and homemade scones with double cream and strawberry jam.   This did nothing for our wasteline but boy was it good!  For those who were hungry at dinner time there was excellent homemade fair to sample. 

The house with the green painted window frames is the vicarage which was built some time before the house with the black door.

Sunday 5th May
Vintage Market and Classic Vehicle Show (10:00)

Mk1 Jaguar
For those of you who watched the recent prequel to the (Inspector Morse) series "Endeavour" a Mk1 Jaguar was used by the Chief Inspector

An artistic  picture of the inside of the Jaguar

 Under the Hood

 A smart set of wheels

This 1988 Mercedes-Benz 300SL belongs to Frank G8BME

Under The Hood
Mercedes-Benz 300SL 3 litre engine in a sports car. 

Morgan 3 wheeler or Messerschmitt by Fitz Fend? 
I suspect this is a Morgan!

Please click on the link below for more information

Royal Enfield 
1923 Royal Enfield 225cc.

WWII Military Vehicles

Please note that all the weapons seen below have been legally modified so that they cannot fire live rounds and that the owners of vehicles and weapons take part in re-enactments 

Lee Enfield Rifle

 I think this is a M2  .50 Cal Browning machine gun.  Although used in WWII, 
so effective was this gun that Variants of this machine gun 
are still in use with the armed forces today

 for a more in depth look at this weapon please click on the link below.

Military Police Jeep

 This gun has been modified so that there is no way it can 
fire a live round
 The Thompson Sub Machine Gun

The pictures of vehicles on display is just a short select of those taken on the day and I am happy to post more upon request. 

The Vintage Market : Sunday 5th May 2013 (11am - 4pm)
This event was introduced to the festival in 2012 and was very succesful. Hence its ressurection in 2013. The market attracts traders in vintage items (These are technically items over 25 years old) including clothes, ornaments accessories and even furniture. If you're are looking to buy these kind of items then this is the perfect small market. You never know you might pick up a bargain. If you are a vintage trader then this is a good venue and with the attraction of the scarecrows (and this year the classic vehicles) we expect a decent number of visitors. There is no charge for visitors to enter the field or marquees on the day  so why not pop along for a browse. The market opens to visitors between 11am and 4pm

Sunday 5th May
Ball race down the river (14:00)

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