November 12, 2012

Report on GB4GBO 2012 Olympics - Para-Olympics

Hello Folks,

This is a somewhat belated report on the group activity over the Olympic period.  Work started on getting the NOv GB4GBO for this event just before the Golf Oscar series was announced by the RSGB, and thankfully this gave us a unique opportunity to operate the station without getting the Golf Oscar tongue twister that plagued so many.

The event was run for the whole period of the Olympics including the Para-Olympics which is something we were very keen on promoting.  We are proud to be associated with such a special event.

Most of the contacts will have been done by Barrie and Stephany with a few members popping in to do some operating during the course of the event.

 Brian G0RDH
 Stephany G1LAT

Most of this event was covered from Barries Radio Room with 
Stephany and Barrie operating the station.

Elecraft K3 transceiver
400 watt amplifier
Antenna 20mt 5/8 wave vertical with 36 1/2 radials
Antenna 40mt inverted V wire dipole

It was always planned for the Members of the Sands Contest Group to run the event for a weekend from Hancock's Radio Hut.  The pictures below show members setting up the antenna's for a weekend of activity between the end of the main Olympics and the start of the Para-Olympics.

We were down on numbers for setting the station antenna's up and are grateful 
to Barrie G1JYB who hosted the event for taking time out of what was 
a busy day to help with the antenna's setup.  Barrie is sporting black fleece 

Other members in the picture are Ian G0VGS and our Elder Statesman Hughie G4UME
Steve G1TLQ joined us just in time to roll the coaxial cable out.  

The antenna's used included a 40m dipole that worked really well for us and the 20mt 5/8 wave vertical with 36 1/2 radials.

Steve would have enjoyed doing some operating with us over the weekend but was suffering with an ear infection he did not want to pass on.

Hancock's Radio Hut

The callsign GB4GBO was used by members of the Sands Contest Group
Operators G1JYB Barrie, G1LAT Stephany, G4UME Hughie, 

G0RDH Brian, G0VGS Ian, Andrew G1LWU

Due to the lack of a linear being available to the group we fell back on my FT-2000D for the weekend which worked very well.  This was a really enjoyable event to be associated with and it was a pleasure to work so many stations around the world.

This picture was taken by vk3alz and shows his FT-2000D this picture was found in a web search

This  has been a fantastic year for sporting events and special celebrations like the Queens Diamond Jubilee and last but not least the Wray Scarecrow Festival.  None of the events mentioned would have been worth doing if they were not supported by radio amateurs world wide.  Thank you for your support and we will see what we can put together for 2013 on the special events front.


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