October 02, 2011

Sunday. First Full Day

An absolutely lovely day on the island today with full sun and very
little wind. We continue to put up aerials and Paul continues to make
stubs to counteract the ensuing interactions! :)
We now have all 5 stations working and the contacts are flying in!
Japan was easy this morning on 17m and DX is coming in all the time.
We have a 264 ft doublet which is proving superb on 40m at the moment.
The 4 element vertical phased end fire array on 15m is working really
well too. We are using a vertical Moxon rectangle on 20m right by the
water and a vertical for 30m. We also have a 2 element vertical phased
array for 10m which is also getting us contacts. The computer
networking is working wonderfully well and N1MM is brilliant as
always. Considering the amount of work done we should crack the 1500
QSO barrier today and if we can make it 2000, even better!
The weather is due to change tomorrow which is a shame as currently I
can think of no better place to be in the world at the moment. It is
absolutely perfect.


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