July 28, 2011

SOTA activation 26th July Great Knoutberry Hill

Hello Folks,

Sands Contest Group are looking forward to the coming weekends activity as we take part in IOTA 2011 from Sunderland Point, if your taking part in the contest we look forward to working you under our contest Callsign G1T.

However the Contest is a few days away and it was great to see the following message was sent out to the Sands Group by Barrie G1JYB. I thought it would make a nice change to look at some of the other activities our members get up too, along with Barrie's words of encouragement to Sands Group Members to give this location a try.

So I will leave you with a few thoughts from Barrie. The photography in this Blog was done by either Barrie or Stephany

You might note that in the true Sands style food is never far from Barrie's thoughts!

Bye for now

Yesterday Steph g1lat activated Great Knoutberry Hill and it just reminded me that it is a high hill that any member could activate or work DX from with only a short walk from the Car to the summit.

Its a great ride out to Dent Station up the old Coal Road, just continue on for a couple of miles past the Station and the track is on your RH side, allow an hour to walk up at a very leisurely pace, it can be done easily in a half hour but with equipment, you don't want to kill yourself. Choose a nice day, check Ribblehead Weather Station before setting out and go for it.

Don't forget to call at Inglesport for a "Cavers Breakfast" on the way and also pop in to Dent Station for a trip back in time and on the way home go via Barbondale and call at Kirkby Lonsdale for an Afternoon Tea, SOTA can be very laid back you know.

Parking place and of Dent Station.

You would be very disappointed if you expected to get off the Train and walk with your luggage to Dent Village, you will see what I mean when you GO SEE.

Give it a GO, Steph and I will come with anyone that wants to, as long as we get the Breakfast and the Afternoon Tea, ha ha.


bAz g1jyb

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