June 19, 2011

Getting ready for the IARU Contest

Hi Folks,

As I mentioned in my last blog we are nearing the end of the doldrums between April and July and this is a good time to set to work maintaining masts, antenna's and auxiliary equipment needed for the contest season.

Fibreglass Masts

Our group chairman Ian G0VGS and I started with the fibreglass verticals.

Each vertical was completely dismantled and cleaned with silicon before being reassembled a section at a time.

Individual sections.

The use of the silicon spray served a number purposes.
  • It allowed sections to be cleaned and lubricated. Next time we put the masts up they should glide easily into position
  • It also allows the mast to repel water more easily and may even help a little with wind resistance.

Spiderbeam Mast

Whilst Ian and I worked on the fibreglass masts Paul 2E0EET and Hughie G4UME set to work doing the same thing with the spidermasts

Damaged Sections

Identifying Damaged Sections

Paul and Hughie also identified the damaged sections. The section number was recorded and its diameter was measured ready for us to place a replacement order.

Our Antenna Case

Repacking the Antenna Case

Although packaged correctly most of the antenna's were to all intents and purposes thrown into the box anywhere they would fit. This is not a recommended practice because it makes life difficult for the next event.

Ian G0VGS set to work repacking the box as it should be.... feeder boxes to the right, antenna's bagged and marked for each band in the centre, Parts for the phased array in the left, lanyards and other accessories along the front of the case.

Despite a poor weather forecast that predicted rain we had a lovely sunny afternoon to carry out the work which took less time than I anticipated no doubt helped by us working as a well coordinated team.

A job well done... roll on the contest!

Our Callsign for the contest is G1T (Golf One Tango) If your taking part in the contest we look forward to working you.


The Reluctant Contestor

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Linda g0ylm said...

Good work guys :)