September 20, 2010

MS0SCG Tales from Arran

Tales from the Isle of Arran

Hello Folks,

First of all please accept my apologies for the late start to the daily blog. We set off from Morecambe as planned around 7am with the local pickups completed by 07:30 on a wet and blustery morning. We joined the M6 just beyond Carnforth and headed for the DXpediton rally point at Gretna Services where we met up with the guys from Workington and grabbed some refreshments. We set off on the last phase of our journey to meet up with the final member of the team Brendon EI6IZ who was meeting us at the ferry to Arran at Ardrossan.

Pics from the car.

Brian G0RDH

I traveled down following the white van driven by Ian G0VGS. The van was filled up the day before with all the masts, antennas, food and may of the suit cases.

In total there was one Van and two cars taken from Morecambe, Workington took two vehicles and Brendan came with a van and his CW station which was to prove so effective.

Pics from the ferry.

We joined the 12:30 sailing from Ardrossan

Maneuvering to leave port


As you can see we had a a calm crossing although there was a bit of a wind up on deck

Steve, Brendan, Ian, Andrew and Kev are all shown in this picture.

All credit to Kev G6FKE who for the third DXpedition of the group has faced problems with with sailing.

Our DXpedition base for the week. The lower floor is the Whins which has the 80m ragchew station in the lounge and the VHF/UHF station in the large kitchen. We had one set of bunk beds one of which was used by Martin, one double room used by Andrew and Steve and one single room with en-suite used by me.

Entrance to the Willow and Beech apartments where the CW and 20m stations are located via three K3s.

All our meals are prepared by Mark and Paddy in Rowan Lodge where Mark, Paddy, Kev and Damien have their rooms.

Antennas setup on Saturday.

Once we had the accommodation sorted, the guys got busy setting up putting the Nest of Dipoles
covering topband, 80m and 40m (They will also cover 20m and 15m). The 40m phased array was assembled as well as the 17m 5/8 vertical.


Today we made a 30m vertical, a 20m phased array. We also ran out two 100m Beverages, one running North to South and the other East to West. Both are working exceptionally well.


The antenna rigging crew set to work this morning on a 15m vertical. The 6 metre beam was also assembled. The only vertical we have not yet put up is the 80m antenna due to strong winds.

Looking for a good fishing spot.

Phased Verticals on 20m

Damien having a little fun whilst setting up the 20m phased Verticals on Sunday Morning

Martin M0ZIF setting up the 6m beam

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EA2CCG JoaquĆ­n Montoya said...

Hello,congratulations for your work.

You are people to follow your tracks.

I worked you this afternoon with very good signals in Spain.