January 11, 2010


One of the things we lack as a contest group are CW operators. We are trying to change that and to that end I am doing more CW contests. The K3 is a fabulous radio all round but really shines in a CW contest. I have the 500Hz roofing filter in and it makes a huge difference. Stations just pop out of the band and even weak stations are easy to copy, even at my relatively noisy location.
I joined in the RSGB AFS CW contest yesterday. This is a 4 hour contest and although I could not do all 4 hours, I managed a couple. This brought me 78 contacts and a lot of fun. In fact I glanced at the clock at one point and realised I had been operating for about 2 hours and I have no idea where the time went :)
I was completely Search and Pounce as my CW skills are not good enough yet for Running but I could still keep my QSO rate reasonable.
One thing that was noticeable was that there were a LOT fewer station with key clicks. Normally that can be a pain with unmodified 1000mp's clicking all over the place. There were still a few but only once did I need to ask for a number repeat because a close station was splattering key clicks all over the station I was trying to work.
All in all, a great afternoon of radio. The K3 was wonderful and my CW skills are improving. Cut numbers still get me occasionally but I get them in the end :)
I hope more of the group will start to get 'the bug' (no pun intended) and get their CW going again.

Ian Maude - G0VGS

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