October 28, 2009

The G-QRP Convention 2009 Review Part 2

Before getting into the main part of this section of the review, I thought I would emphasise again one of the important parts this convention plays in bringing amateurs together within the QRP. It lets people with a common interest meet up with people they may only meet on air, and its not uncommon to see them taking a break from the vendors to discuss what they have been up to within the hobby. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Gordon Gibson G3ZFZ and Jim O'Sullivan G4PPG shown here just to the right of Frank Burrow G8BME and all are members of G-QRP.

In part 2 of the review I thought I would concentrate on some of the items available with traders at the convention, where everything form components to collectables were available.
I am going to start with some of the items that caught my I on a stand sited on the stage run by Francis Norris. I first encountered this gentleman earlier this year at the Atherton rally and included pictures of items on the stand in a review I did earlier this year in the blog.

His stand at the QRP convention had everything from old books & magazines to spares for various radio along with some collectables. Now on to some Classic Radios

RCA VICTOR Model 3-BX-671

This model was produced in 1954 and is bound in a leather case This site can tell you just about all you wish to know about the radio http://www.portabletubes.co.uk/portables/rcastrat.htm The set is really well made inside. There are quite a few sites you can find with information if you do a quick search with Google.

Another nice link showing a similar model in use is available at

Hallicrafters 8R40 General Communications Receiver

This set was produced between 1950-55

I found information on it thats well worth reading at http://www.portabletubes.co.uk/boats/h8r40.htm

I have no idea what set this RF Unit 22B was connected too if you have any idea please drop me a line.

BayGen Free Play.

I picked up a Modern Collectable in the form of the BayGen Free Play.

his was the brainchild of inventor Trevor Baylis who was inspired to create a clockwork radio in 1993 after watching a program on the devastation Aids was creating in Africa. There are a number of sites available that will take you through the evolution of this radio but here's one to start with. http://windupradio.com/trevor.htm

Replica Para-set

This set was for sale priced at £100. There is a little work to do on it and a few parts to buy to complete the project in the form of two 6SK7 or 6SJ7 Valves. The set was described as working on the 40m/80m bands, but does need the correct PSU to run it.

If your interested in seeing what the replica's are all about then pay a visit to http://www.paraset.co.uk

The Wander Key

Coming more up to date I found the Wanderkey a novel item, and as with any key connected to an oscillator the tones of CW echoed around the room as amateurs tried it out.

Finally back to Rex W1REX

It was great to hear him talk on the subject of the Picaxe but back in the hall he was selling his Tuna kit radio's between drying his eye's as the red cabbage took effect as he tried to eat lunch between customers.

I couldn't resist the challenge and bought a Super Tuna ][ as a little winter project.

Rex asked me which band I would like to operate on and I opted for 80m.

Well that completes my review of the 2009 G-QRP Mini Convention and I know Frank G8BME, Hughie G4UME, and myself Brian G0RDH will be joining with many others to thank the Organisers, Speakers, Traders along with other people who gave up their time to make this event work, our gratitude and thanks for a great convention..... Roll on 2010

Brian G0RDH
G-QRP member 12541

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