September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday To Us!

It has been five years since Sands ARCG was formed and three years since this Blog was started! Once again time has passed so quickly. It is our AGM in a week and we have seen a steady increase in membership over the last year. Contesting still is a learning curve for all of us, whether beginners or "old hands". Many people have added skills to the group as we continue to grow. It was nice to also be able to take part in our first CW contests in 2009!
Can we add a special thanks to Barry G1JYB, Kathy M3YOG and Stephanie G1LAT who have provided us with an excellent site for our major contests, also for the food, drink and wonderful support they have brought to Sands. Thanks also to Kev G6FKE and Ian G0VGS for their continuing involvement in training students who are just entering the hobby or wish to learn more.

We now look forward to a busy sixth year both in contesting, special events and just getting out there and enjoying the hobby! It is also nice to have seen so many friends on our social evenings and hope to have many an enjoyable evening in the following twelve months.


Nigel Roscoe G0RXA said...

Many happy returns from all at teh G5O Contest Group

Sands Contest Group. said...

Thanks very much Nigel!