July 20, 2009

IOTA Draws Nearer.

We are now working towards the IOTA contest this coming weekend. We will be down at Sunderland Point yet again for this most exciting of contests. The good news is that Chris M0DWK and Bex 2E0BEX will be coming up for the contest, it will be great to have the gang back together again. Weather reports are not favourable at the moment with unsettled conditions forecast for the entire weekend. We also will have some of the highest tides of the year to cope with. Some of the guy ropes and stakes may end up actually in the water. For anyone wishing to come and see us bear this in mind, it will make access impossible from about 11am to 2pm each day.


Anonymous said...

Hope to get down to see you on Saturday

73 Paul M1PAF

Sands Contest Group. said...

Be nice to see you Paul