June 19, 2009

Last Night's 80m Club Calls

Tonight was the penultimate contest of the RSGB 80m CC SSB section, an interesting contest with mixed conditions but non the less very enjoyable... A small hiccup at this end made for a slightly late start, but it was not long before we were mixing it with the best, although getting no where near the three figure scores of some of the stations.

It was nice to have Mark M0DGK join me for the contest and we worked things nicely between us running 100w from the FT-1000 into my trap dipole. The Heil headsets worked a dream as always and we received many compliments on our audio through the night, a point that pleased Mark immensely not to mention yours truely neither of us have powerful radio voices..... It was almost like being on Jura again!

However we were not the only group members taking part..... Ian G0VGS operated his K3 to perfection along with Kev G6FKE and our paths crossed a few times as we tuned through the band allocation. Full kudos to Ian's station in holding the higher score of the night.

G0VGS 73
M0SCG 64

Just 9 points in it. Never since the contest that shall remain nameless have we been so close. And the great thing is there are no losers because any group stations that work the contest have their scores added together towards the final overall score for Sands Contest Group, the point being were a team. The more group stations who take part the more overall points are gained..... The final contest in this competition takes place on Wednesday 15th July..... unless corrected, I think you can go out and enjoy the summer evening operating /p..... give it a go, it honestly is good fun.

Brian G0RDH

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