April 03, 2009

Quad Bike Mobile

Here is a  photo that I took this afternoon at the Portable location on
North End Scar. I am using a 5 element 2 metre SOTA Beam vertically
polarised, as I only had my Yaesu VX7r with me. It will go up horizontal by
just changing it round on the pole, only takes a few seconds. I have just
lashed it to the back rack on the ATV with cycling toe clip straps, they are
very useful for portable work as they are massively strong and have a quick
release mechanism on them.

I was limited with time, otherwise I would have taken my 817 with me which
is much better particularly now that I have a power supply from the ATV,
next time I will get more organised.
Barrie G1JYB

1 comment:

Dirky said...

Nice setup barry with the toe straps, however I'd be more impressed if you used SPD's??