February 27, 2009

A Little HouseKeeping!

Frank and Ian are spending the morning looking at the Force12 beam which we have used for some of our contests in the past. Also it was a good thing to check that it actually still drops over at the G0VGS location as he has just taken delivery of a new greenhouse and some very careful planning has taken place to make sure it will still clear all the obstacles in the garden! Success!!
The feeder was renewed last year and all has been checked back to the beam and is working like it should. The beam, however, is slightly out on 20 metres and is actually resonant at 14.390. The beam is actually riveted but is adjustable on the 20m elements. Having looked at these with a view to lengthening them it has appears that there is some wear on the aluminum and a couple of small parts will need replacing! Checking the measurements carefully against the instructions it seems that it was assembled slightly wrong in the first place and was never noticed until now! It will work ok for now but need to chase the parts with the UK dealer.

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