February 18, 2009

Gary Goes Portable!

Hi all

Just packing my kit for a few days away with my brother in law. A good part of that time is going to be spent on the hills and in the woods, so I thought I’d take my K2. Here is a picture of the setup. It includes, K2 (10w inc battery and auto tuner), mic, headphones, 2 coax leads, ATX walkabout 80-2m. Tape measure counterpoise and croc clip, long wire and 4:1 balun, 1.2 amp switch mode power supply, 10w solar panel and charge controller, connecting leads, log and a pen and pencil! All in my nice water tight laptop case, fits in the rucksack well, weighs too much but that’s the price for protection and a full kit! I also have a 30m doublet in a separate bag, made with light weight wire, fingers crossed I get the chance to use it in anger!



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Gary M0RGB said...

The K2 performed fantastically....but the microphone didn't :(
No noise floor setup in some woods in Weardale, signals bouncing in from the US and EU but a later diagnosed problem with the mic obviousley stopped any QSO's.
Never mind it was fun! I will be doing lots more portable work, it's a pleasure to listen with so little noise!
Gary M0RGB