January 02, 2009

New HRD Logbook

A couple of our members are currently beta- testing a new logbook. The new logbook is coded by Simon Brown HB9DRV and will be part of the suite of Ham Radio Deluxe suite of programs. It will be free to download when it is released into the public domain but Simon is now totally financed by his HRD software, so any donations to him will be gratefully received.
The logbook has plenty of new features and is very easy to use, click on the screenshot for a closer look.


chris g4lds said...

As a user of HRD it looks good
Looking forward to using this update and joining Sands

Sands Contest Group. said...

We look forward to seeing you Chris!

Sands Contest Group. said...

Public release of new HRD logbook in approx 2 weeks!