January 22, 2009

Another First Place!

Finally got the certificate for the IARU World Championship Contest 2007. Glad to report that we came in first place in our section, like we did in 2006! The reason we have only just found out about this is that the Award had been posted to the "Sands Retirement Home" in Morecambe and they have only just emailed us to tell us it was there. Also there were some QSL cards for Jura that had found their way there as well ( God Bless the Post Office) Can people who send QSL cards to any of our callsigns please send them to our QSL Manager G0VGS who is QTHR on QRZ. Any other correspondence can be sent direct to our Chairman G6FKE whose details can also be found on QRZ. It is always amazing to see just how many cards and letters find their way to us with very little information on the address label and thanks again to everyone who has had to deal with our errant mail!

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