October 18, 2008

QSL Cards and Things

The QSL cards for Jura are designed and will go to print this next week, so should be posted out in the next few weeks. Still a busy time for us with other things as well. It was our AGM last week and Sands is now into its fifth year of existence, hard to know where the time has gone. Frank has very kindly volunteered to be our treasurer this year ( most people run a mile when they hear this role mentioned ) and has the joy of sorting out all the finances from our trip!!
Next weekend one of the longest contests in the calendar, the CQ WW DX Contest which lasts the full 48 hours. This year we will be operational from Andrew's home, he has a big back garden and it means we are able to put the Spiderbeam up on one of the masts. Also coming up is the Christmas meal and it looks like we are going to have quite a few guests this year, the more the merrier!
This morning several of us are off to the QRP Convention, at a new venue this year near Halifax. This is always a good rally, we didn't have time to organise a table this year for club funds due to the sheer time it has taken to organise the Jura trip, still it will be good just to have a wander round and meet up with old friends!

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